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Everywhere I turn on the internet, I see network marketing gurus promoting a program as THE ONLY WAY you can possibly succeed.

In most cases, these are people who are very successful, and have worked a system that has led to their success. So their message has a kernel of truth to it in that it is a way to succeed, and they have proven it to be true. The problem is that they tear down all the other ways there are to get to the desired result, which is building a stable long term business.

their message has a kernel of truth to it in that it is a way to succeed

Eric Worre is one exception to this, because his message is that network marketing is a better way, and his teaching is not centered on anything except excellent fundamental business building principles that fit into any type of system. Further, he promotes and interviews people who have all built their businesses in a variety of ways, from face to face, to mega phone calls, to internet expertise. This is why I believe he is someone that everyone can learn from.

Back to my point. I get why the ONLY WAY promoters market this way. It is so that you, who are trying to build your business and going through the normal struggles associated with building any business, will leap at the chance to discover THE ONLY WAY, that has been eluding you, and you will buy their programs. I have no issue with their actual programs either. Their programs have value, typically contain education, concepts, ideas, and methodologies that when put into action are effective, and people that really use them in a serious way with the diligence required to build a business, will be glad they did so. But again, the issue is the way they are promoted and the perception that it will make you a lot of money.

the issue is the way they are promoted

Isn’t it interesting though, that there are many different people promoting many different ways that are all THE ONLY WAY? How can the ONLY way be a bunch of different ways? A conundrum is what this is called.

How can the ONLY way be a bunch of different ways?

So what’s the truth? Quite simple actually. THE ONLY WAY is to work the process of contacting, sharing your story and information, following up, and sponsoring and serving, in the way that is best for you, and doing it in a nice, honest and respectful way. There, that wasn’t very difficult was it? No program, no system, no tool, will make you a lot of money. You, working diligently over time, will make the money. Systems, programs, and tools are all helpful, but YOU working hard with them in the process is what creates success. “The Process” is a cycle. All businesses have a cycle of work flow. This is how you achieve a predictable result. Creating a cycle of work flow you can repeat to generate continuous results. Systems, tools, and programs, can help you work the process better and more efficiently.

All businesses have a cycle of work flow

We are all unique and have our own set of skills and personality traits. We all also have our own set of personal fears and our individual situations and obstacles. This is part of being a human being. Network marketing is a business of people. What feels easy to one person seems insurmountable to another and vice versa. The beauty of today’s world is that there are so many ways to successfully work the process of building the business that anyone truly can create an income in the industry.

There are many resources available in the market to help you become more skilled and effective in different styles of working. From pure internet marketing, to attraction marketing, sales techniques for the phone and advertising,  mining social networks, you name it and it is available to you. As I said before, there is value in all of it.

I just want you to be clear, that whatever system, program, or tool, you focus in on, you will still be working the process. And you will have to have the same approach you would take to develop anything of significance in your life. You will have struggles, and times when you feel stuck. You will have a learning curve. You will have to face some fears and doubts. You will also have times when things go extremely well. It’s all part of the process of life and business.

I hope this provides a little perspective for you. This industry is too good to be discounted as a gimmick. THE ONLY WAY philosophy just makes it feel that way. And it is unnecessary and damaging to the credibility that this great way of life has taken decades to develop.


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