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Todd in Karlsruhe 2011


Creating an awesome reputation is key to enhancing your standing in your community and in business.

Regardless of your history, you can begin right now to build a powerful reputation that will afford you countless opportunities. It’s simple and easy to do. But you do have to be clear on what is necessary. A great reputation does not happen overnight. You cannot walk into a room and say “hey, I have a great reputation, you should do business with me!” It takes time and consistency.

In general, everything existing in today’s business world is a commodity to some degree. There are just too many choices in each market segment to not approach things this way, regardless of how unique what you have to offer is. What is not a commodity is YOU.

People do business with people they like and trust. Yes, you have to have something of value that meets their need. But YOU are the difference maker. This video will give you 6 easy to do Golden Rules for establishing yourself as the person someone would want to do business with.

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