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You know the feeling.

You are interested in making a purchase. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter the size of the purchase. It could be a bottle of shampoo or a house. The person who is selling the item is explaining to you why you have to buy it. They are not asking you why you are interested. They are not asking you what is important to you. In fact, the only questions they ARE asking you, are scripted leading questions where any other answer besides yes would make you like look an idiot.

They are applying technique to you. It is becoming clear to you that their only interest is in getting you to buy right now. They don’t care if it is the right thing for you. After all, how could they, they don’t really know what you actually need or what you are trying to solve. This encounter for them is only about them making a sale.

You start to feel uncomfortable

You start to feel uncomfortable. And there you have it. If it’s me, even if what this person is selling is the perfect product for me, I am absolutely not going to buy. I will take my business elsewhere…to the person who wants what’s best for me. Applying pressure to someone to get them to do what you want them to do, is a selfish act.

Applying pressure to someone to buy your product or service, or join your business will turn them off

When it comes to networking, it is even more magnified. Applying pressure to someone to buy your product or service, or join your business will turn them off. It will not only eliminate this person from being a part of your customer base or team, but it will leave a bad taste in their mouth and they will speak poorly about you and your company to the people closest to them and anyone else in the community who mentions you or your business.

they will speak poorly about you and your company

This applies even further to the people in your organization. Pressuring people to do more will backfire. They will see you as wanting them to make YOU money. You can never afford to be seen in this light. Recognize that the people in your downline are already putting enough pressure on themselves. Your job is to help them do what they are trying to do, whatever that is. If they are not willing to take the steps you think they should be taking, that is their choice at this time. You will rarely know the entire story of what is happening in someone’s head or in their life. If you want to have an ongoing relationship with them, such that when they are ready to move forward they do it with you, support them where they are, and let them know you care about them. This will serve both of you better over the long haul than any amount of pressure ever will and its a lot more fun!

Check out this video clip for a little more insight.

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