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heil teaching 2015

I can remember it like it was yesterday…dancing all over the place. But not the good kind of dancing!

Many moons ago, when I first began my amazing adventure in network marketing, I had a very difficult time with the initial contact. I was afraid. I was afraid of what the other person might say. I was afraid of being criticized. I was afraid they might not like me. I was afraid of rejection.

And because I was afraid, I danced. Not on my feet. With my words. And not a good dance. Instead of just being nice and direct and asking someone if they were open to learning about a way to ______. I would dance all around it. This led to little to no results. Over time I learned it was much better and showed way more confidence and belief to just be bold and direct. People respected that and were more likely to take me seriously. Eventually I became a very successful recruiter. Simply by being real, nice, and direct. That led to the best kind of dancing…the dance of success.

This week I was reminded of this and hence, I decided to share it with you in case it helps. For several hours this past week I coached two very capable people on making contacts. Both of these people are highly credible and can build huge businesses over time. For the first few hours with both of them, it was dance after dance after dance. Instead of trusting the process, believing in themselves, and being direct (in the right way with the proper structure to the approach) they wanted to dance all around the subject.

They would lay out what they were going to say, and then I would pick apart the dance steps. Within a few short hours of working together, they started to get it. They still had a tendency to drift back into the dance steps, but it was coming easier and easier.

By the second day with each, they were locked in and the process was becoming easier and easier for them. They were starting to do a different dance. The dance of fun. The fun you have when there are lots of people saying “yes, I’d like to learn about what you are doing.”

Don’t dance around the subject. Be nice, respectful, and direct. It is way more effective and a lot more fun.



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