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What if today, you learned that you did not have to go into work tomorrow or ever again if you did not want to? You were told that you would still be paid the exact same amount of money you earned yesterday when you did go to work. You were told that you would be paid this money many years into the future. Your income would be slightly decreased each year if you never worked again, but if you decided to work again it could be increased.

Assuming this is all true, what would you do? Would you go into work? If you love what you do and you feel fulfilled and that you have purpose and that you are making a contribution of meaning, you would probably go into work anyway. If you enjoyed the people immensely and this was the only way you could see them you might go in too. But if this wasn’t the case, you would probably say good-bye for good. And after you relished the freedom you had for a bit, you would begin pursuing/spending your time doing something you really enjoy while considering your financial scenario as needs arose or as new goals appeared on the horizon.

So what is the point of this bizarre question?

Too often, the idea of riches and huge income is the central focus of the possibility of network marketing. When the truth is, that only a small percentage of people will ever make huge incomes. NOT because it’s not possible for them, but because it’s not IMPORTANT enough to them. 

Think about the above question in this light. How many people would rather do something else other than their job? Statistically it is over 70%. When you translate this into the power of a network marketing opportunity for this majority of the people in jobs, then the reality is that if they could just replace their income their quality of life and their opportunities for fulfillment and joy and purpose and all kinds of other things will have  changed completely for the better!

I have been fortunate to earn a lot of income in network marketing, not the top of the top, but in the top percent (truth is that it’s never been important to me to be the top). Could I have made this income some other way? Sure. The principles of building a business are the same for most things when it comes to discipline, hard-work, treating people well, providing value, etc.

But could I have earned what I earned over the last almost 3 decades while spending all the precious time with my family? While working in my bare feet from home most days? While taking off 6-8 weeks a year? While not having anyone else tell me what to do? While having no financial risk in my business? While traveling to cool places all over the world? While discovering my true passion for teaching? While pursuing anything interesting that popped into my mind?

NO. Absolutely NO. This is the true power of dedicating effort to building a network marketing income. Yes, you can get rich if that is your goal. If you want to create riches for the long term then it will take you a long time and you will work every bit as hard as you would to do it in something else. But how about replacing an income from a job you don’t love so you can live on your own terms and then really pursue what you love? Maybe it will be more of your network marketing business, or maybe it will be just enough of your network marketing business to allow you to do the things on your heart, in your time, from your home…Think about that for a bit.


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