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The proverb says “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.”

If we aren’t considerate of the depth of this, we might mistake it’s meaning. We could easily think it means we can’t have both. But deeper exploration reveals the opposite. A good name leads to all kinds of opportunities with people. It leads to the potential for a rich life as well as success in your work.

In fact, for long term success it is essential. Substitute the word credibility for a good name and you can easily see where I am going with this. In business, your credibility is what creates opportunity. Consider how it is in a job. The more credibility you have, the more responsibility you are trusted with. This equates to opportunities. In building your own business, your level of credibility translates into greater opportunities to work with people.

As John Maxwell says “credibility is a victory, not a gift.” We earn credibility. Credibility is the combined result of your perceived level of competence and your perceived character. It is completely demonstrated by what you do, how you do it, and who you are being/how you are behaving in the process. This is wonderful news for everyone. Because anyone, regardless of where they start can build credibility over time and there by become successful in their business.

anyone, regardless of where they start can build credibility over time

When I teach/train any sort of business I start with this aspect. How to cultivate and develop your credibility. I know how powerful this is and that anyone can do it. When I first started my business over 27 years ago, I had little to no credibility. It certainly made it harder to get started because people did not take me or my opportunity very seriously. I did not have the good name yet. But simply by treating people well, keeping my commitments, working diligently, and persisting, my credibility began to grow. And with it, so did my business.

I used the word perceived, because it’s the truth. People don’t really know for certain. They just develop a level of trust that you are the kind of person they believe you are. Then you have the chance to prove them right or prove them wrong. As you grow your credibility and your business, always be conscious of this. You will make mistakes. Admit them. Apologize for them. you will actually grow your credibility this way even though you made a mistake. Excuses, blaming, and defending point to not taking responsibility and are seen as character issues. These are credibility killers.

Building a long term successful business is a marathon, not a sprint. You certainly can sprint all you want, but don’t sacrifice your credibility for a short term gain…ever. It’s not worth it. Build your credibility and guard it and you will reap rich rewards in life.


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