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Making Contacts is one of the single most important aspects of the process for building your business. Everyone has to learn how to do this. Yet at the same time, not everyone feels the same in this important step. Some people are comfortable making a contact and others are not.

In today’s world there are all kinds of ways that you can contact someone. That is a big part of why it is easier now to get started and make progress in growing a long term business than ever before. Just a decade ago, if you were someone who was extremely uncomfortable make a direct contact to initiate the process, you had no choice but to do it anyway…make the phone call, experience all the feelings, and overcome your fear. Today, there are other options which allow you to start the process without being in a live conversation, and it can be done effectively.

But nothing is ever going to be better than a live human interaction with another person. Regardless of what you do, at some point you will need to become adept at talking to people (unless you are a excellent internet marketer). I believe one of the reasons my training voice is well received in general is because people know it was not easy for me to build the business when I first started.

Along with having low credibility and no success track record in life, my introverted nature combined with my non-confrontational behavioral style, made approaching (contacting) an absolute scary nightmare for me. I worked at it so hard that over time I developed the style I teach now which is very successful for anyone to use in contacting and getting the process started.

There are lots of approaches that are effective and I will share many of them in this blog in the coming months. Today I am sharing an easy one that has a high success rate. The “maybe you can help me?” approach. People want to be helpful if they can. This approach gives people the ability to say yes to the information without a feeling of obligation, but with the intent to review it.

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