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Learn to be a great listener

“We must also be careful not to allow the opinions of others to unduly influence the development of our plan for the good life.”-Jim Rohn

Oh my, this is a huge statement made by the late Mr. Rohn. I wonder just how many people per day allow someone else’s opinion to wipe out their dream? I would be willing to bet that this number would be in the many of millions. Think about that for a second. Millions of dreams die per day!

You can’t stop people from raining garbage on other people’s parades, but you can take a stand for yourself. The first step is to understand this: People are not generally critical of people who do little (except maybe someone who loves you and wants to see you do better). People are classically critical of people who are stepping out and trying to do something significant. My favorite quote around this topic is “Dogs don’t bark at parked cars.” I don’t remember where I heard this first, I just know I didn’t come up with it.

People See the World as They are and Based on What They Know. This is Like Looking Through a Tunnel While Being Held in a Cage.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to following your heart and going after your dreams, the barking that comes at you is mostly based on ignorance. The majority of people are against that which they don’t understand or know about. People see the world as they are and based on what they know. This is like looking through a tunnel while being held in a cage. It’s severely limited. The next time you hear from someone about how foolish you are, or how you are wasting your time, or worse…just remember that this other person is a prisoner of a limited mind and therefore their opinion of whatever you are doing is completely and utterly useless to you. Let ’em bark and ignore it. Instead of letting their opinion make you feel bad about yourself or about your endeavor, try turning it around…feel sorry that someone has to carry THAT attitude through life. Because you and I both know, that someone with a limited perspective is going to have a pretty limited life.

Wouldn’t You Rather Have People Barking at You Because You are Trying to DO Something Then Not Barking at You Because You aren’t?

Let ’em bark. And don’t expect the barking to stop in life if you are a doer. Even as you are succeeding, there will be people barking. They might be barking a different story, but they will be barking. Trust me, you can expect to have people barking at you out of jealousy, or because they are scarcity thinkers and they believe your success diminishes them, or a host of other reasons….that in truth, are all their issues, not yours. GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS and…Let ’em bark, let ’em bark, let ’em bark.

This is a video I recorded several years ago, impromptu, about the issue of dogs barking. My office was a mess and I just came from a workout and didn’t bother to change clothes…if you can get past that, the message is pretty good!



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