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The smartest thing you can do in any business is target market.

It may be true that what you have to offer could benefit everyone, but it is difficult in life to be all things to all people. It is smarter to focus on a niche that you can directly speak to where you know that everyone in that niche is definitely interested in the products or services that you market. This is what target marketing is all about. It’s focusing your energy into a specific niche.

But suppose you are in a home business and offer a variety of things that serve multiple niches in the market? How do you “target market in this situation?” There are several answers to this question depending on the mediums you are using to market, so for this post I am just going to address the issue as it relates to your warm market.

Every one in every business should let their warm market know that they are in business.

Every one in every business should let their warm market know that they are in business. Not because they are going to be the key to you become massively successful. They’re not. But because it’s smart. Your warm market will not make you rich and famous. But it is a source of several things. Here are 5 of them:

1. It is the best training ground on the planet because they will be hard on you in many cases, so they prepare you by thickening your skin a little. All successful entrepreneurs (that’s you if you have started a home business)have to deal with rejection, insults, doubters, nay-sayers, etc. Its is part of the price for success.

2. You have no need to be excellent at presenting your information to your warm market. They know that you are new in your endeavor and are more forgiving than the general market place. So your interaction with them is part of your learning by doing process, and provided your nice, honest, and respectful in your approach, they won’t care if you fumble a bit and don’t have all the answers. By the time you have worked through them, you will be better skilled for the broader market. They are the best place to practice.

3. Some of them will buy your products or services as a way to support you creating some early “wins” for you.

4. They can be excellent referral sources for you for the same reason as I pointed out above. In addition to them wanting to support you, they also have a higher level of trust in you.

5. You have to, as a good business practice, let everyone you know about the fact that you are in business. Even if they don’t use your products or services right now, there is a good chance that in the future when a need arises, they will think about you. Especially if you follow the process I teach in Process 2, and stay in touch…as all good businesses do.

So, back to the idea of target marketing with your warm market. The most direct, simple, and powerful approach is to use what I call a “connecter.” This allows you to individually target market in your warm market. This short video explains what I mean. Have a questions? Email me at tburrier @gmail.com.    http://www.drivenbyheart.com

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