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I’ll never forget it. NEVER.

There I was sitting at my desk in my office in the back of the big farm house where we were living in Edgewater, MD. My marriage was struggling. My health was not great. I was working my face off and making progress towards my goals, but I was miserable.

And then it hit me. I was becoming like THEM.

It was a long time ago, but it could have been yesterday for how clearly it came to me and how vividly I remember it. I decided right then and there that I would absolutely positively never be like THEM!

Who is them you ask?

“Them” for me were the people I had worked with in the prior years. When I worked with them, I was a commercial real estate lender, and they were the “successful” business people I served. I quotation the word successful because that is how I perceived them. These were people who had achieved a great deal of business success and had substantial net worth into the 8 figures.

You see I grew up with very little in terms of money, so working with these entrepreneurs opened my eyes to possibility. They had worked hard (many of them started with little) and become wealthy, so maybe, just maybe, it would be possible for me. But I noticed another thing about these people. The majority (with very few exceptions) had been divorced at least once and were in various stages of poor health. I remember thinking that I would not be like this, regardless of how successful I became.

Five years later, there I was, sitting in my office, chasing my entrepreneurial dream, realizing that I was becoming exactly like them! Like they had, I was neglecting the love of my life and my health in pursuit of my financial goals. NO WAY was I going to continue to let that happen.

I had no idea what to do, but there had to be a way to succeed completely. So I began searching for a way to LIVE FULL and LIVE WELL. I started studying and reading everything I could find on the subject of priorities and balance. I found lots of great stuff, but I didn’t find a specific “How-to.”

So I tinkered around, using a lot of the resources I studied, while I applied my own ideas. What came out of it changed my life. I figured out a way to balance my life such that I would participate fully in the most important things in life and at the same time be create success in my career pursuits. And it worked…and still does!

Every time  I speak to a large group or train a corporate team or coach an individual, I teach my “3 Circles” concept. This is a fundamental that grew out of my LIVE FULL and LIVE WELL principles.

I am saying this as gently as I can…NOW IS THE TIME TO LIVE FULL and LIVE WELL. Too many people say things like “when I retire I am going to…” or “when I have more money I am going to…” or whatever else you can think off which means “I will live the life I want later.”

There is no later.

Life is now. Love is now. Your dreams are now. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. When/if we wake up tomorrow, it is simply another today. We have to live today.

Finally in 2004 I wrote my book detailing my “how-to”. I had put it off. Waiting for the right time, the perfect time. Then I realized…in life, NOW is the right time. NOW is the perfect time. It took me an hour a day over four months to write the draft, and another 20 months to finally publish it. Recently I re-released it, and for the first time, I am promoting it and suggesting people read it. Is this because I know it all? Not even close.

If you know me at all, you know that I am quite clear that I am a regular guy. Not smarter than anyone else. I am also a woeful self-promoter. I just don’t like doing it. And yet, right now, I am promoting the book. Not because it will make me a fortune. It won’t. But because I truly believe that it can help change lives.

So….if you want to LIVE FULL and LIVE WELL  I encourage you to get a copy and read it. It’s a work book too, so there will be some exercises in there to help you get clarity, but I believe it will serve as a resource to an amazing way to live.

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