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Many Years ago, someone I know very well, started a home business in networking. He began with a landline telephone, a fax machine, and an audio tape. At the time he was broke. He wasn’t poor, that’s a state of mind, but he was broke, as in he had zero money.

In 80 days, he had a full time income (much of it already residual) with plenty to spare, and within a year he was a top earner and has been ever since.

He didn’t have a computer. He didn’t have the internet. He didn’t have a smart phone. And there was no front-load, no recruiting bonuses or coded-bonus or any other front end money gimmick to create fast money.

He did have some experience. He did have a list. He did have quality products to work with. And he had a desire.

So what did this DINOSAUR do and what does it have to do with YOU in today’s world?

He took massive action.

For an 80 day stretch (excluding Sundays), he worked from when he got up in the morning until he went to bed at night. For 16 hours a day most days, he called and called and called people all over the country. Sharing the story, sharing the products, sharing the opportunity. Eating lunch and dinner at his desk as he talked to people.

He didn’t have a contact goal for each day. He simply called endlessly until it got so late there was no one else to call. He made up in numbers what he lacked in skill. He heard “No” hundreds and hundreds of times per month, and as a result he heard “yes” a whole lot too.

He worked a simple Process that is the basis for any and every system there is to work the business.

Right now is the time for you to take massive action.

This is the time of year when your contacts are the most receptive (my friend was working in the late Spring-early Summer). Think about it, almost everyone you know, right now, is purposeful in seeking solutions for losing weight, having more money, being healthier, being more fit, and lots of other things.

You are in the business of helping people solve these kinds of problems. Business is good all year, but this is THE best time of the year to make contacts. It’s sort of like going fishing in the spring after the ice thaws and the water starts to warm up. At no other point in the year are the fish hungrier than this time. So if you throw the right bait, they will bite.

People aren’t fish of course, but they are hungrier now to solve issues than many months from now. After all…IT’S A NEW YEAR….

Everyone is in a different frame of mind. Imagine if you took massive action right now? With all the cool technology tools today, taking massive action is easier than ever. You don’t have to work 16 hours a day like my friend did. You just have to work the hours you CAN work with dedicated intensity and contact and share with as many people as you can in the time you have. You have to be urgent about it.

Make a commitment to yourself, your family, YOUR DREAMS, that you will work with your hair on fire for the next 3 months and you will be glad you did.

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