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Heil 2015

I was talking to an old friend in the industry recently. He is a good guy with a lot of experience and has had a lot of success and earned a lot of money over the years.

We were catching up a bit as we hadn’t talked for a few years. He is in the midst of launching his business with a new opportunity because the last company he worked with did not keep it’s promises relative to longevity.

It inspired me to do this post. He shared that he is looking for a “legacy” company and he hopes this latest venture will be it. I don’t know how you might define this term, but for me it’s an easy one. A “legacy Company” is something that allows you to leave a legacy. An income that you will have for decades and that can be passed on to your family when you leave the planet. A business you can build to the level you want and then spend more time with the things in life you care about.

You see, this talented guy was on his 5th or 6th opportunity in the last several years. Not because he wasn’t succeeding, he was. In every case he was one of the top producers. But the companies didn’t last.

Too often I hear all about the awesome system a company has. Or I hear about the incredible compensation structure they have. In the big picture, these are not really that important. The truth is, that with any viable opportunity you can make a lot of money if that is what you want. System’s are just tools. They don’t build a business. An in place system gives you something to work in immediately but you will still have to do the work and learn what you need to learn to be effective within that system.

The Process  is essentially the foundation of any system. A simple set of steps you can repeat that will lead to sponsoring customers and business partners. Every system builds on this philosophy and thus is inherent in any opportunity already.

But there are three specific things that have to be there for a “legacy” situation. This video will give you the three:


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