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As you begin focusing on building your business and reaching your goals for 2017 remember this one simple thing….Sponsoring is the most important activity in creating the business of your dreams.

I have been in this business now for almost 28 years. The secret to success is the same now as it was when I started. Sponsoring. Sponsoring leads to volume. You are paid on volume. This is true in all businesses. How does and attorney earn income? Volume. How does an accountant earn income? Volume. How does a salesman earn an income? Volume. How does a coffee shop succeed? Volume. How does a gym stay in business? Volume.

Volume comes from people using the product.

Volume comes from people using the product. How do people get to use the product? Sponsoring. It doesn’t matter what system you work with, you must work the system with the purpose of sponsoring.
You are in the unique position of having a business model where you do not have to make a significant capital investment, yet you have the benefits of business ownership but with more personal freedom than a “store front”. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with the same intention as if you had the overhead of a more traditional business.
The more you sponsor, the more customers you have, and the more volume you are directly creating. The more you sponsor, the more business builders you will find, which will lead to more customers in your network which will increase your volume. But it all starts with each person putting sponsoring first in their activity each day.
Will everyone that you sponsor be a long term customer? NO. Will every business builder you sponsor go on to build a business? NO. This is true for every kind of business in the world.

it is vital that you develop  relationships

They key to building a long term successful business is simple. Consistently presenting your products and opportunity to people. This is a relationship business. Relationships are the glue. So yes, it is vital that you develop  relationships with the people you sponsor and serve them like they have never been served before. But you must sponsor a lot to find the ones that value the relationship and then will carry the torch of working with you to expand your business as you help them expand theirs.

serve them like they have never been served before

The wonderful aspect to this work is that success IS predictable. If you contact people, you will find people who are interested in either a solution your products provide or a solution your income opportunity provides. If you then present the information and your story and belief, you will find people who choose to use your products and people who choose to work in the opportunity. The more customers you sponsor, the more committed customers you will find. The more Business builders you sponsor, the more people you will find that will actually move forward to build a business.
It doesn’t matter if you are working online, in person, or by phone. They are all the same iteration of working the process.

It is purely about working “The Process” consistently.

I have coached, trained, and mentored more people than I can possibly count over the past 28 years in building this great business. This business that can lead to dramatic improvements in quality of life and ultimately, if someone works consistently over a period of years, to a lifestyle that is beyond what most people can imagine. The one thing that has separated the people who achieved their goals from the ones that do not. Consistent sponsoring.
All the successful people have worked the process consistently. They all had some periods where things did not grow and it felt like it wasn’t going to happen. They have had doubt about themselves. They have had personal struggles. They have said the wrong thing. But they continued to work the process. Eventually all of them had a period when it was growing faster than the work they were putting in. You have to experience one in order to experience the other.

What does sponsoring mean?

It means, at it’s deepest level, giving someone the opportunity to live a better life and being willing to hold their hand while they walk through the journey to their own success. One of the unique features of your business is that any single contact you make, on any given day, we might sponsor someone who will succeed at a high level. Any single contact could be life-changing for them and for YOU.
So, do you want to succeed? Consistently invest time each day in sponsoring new people. It will then only be a matter of time for you to reach your goals.
Need a little coaching or have a question? Email me at tburrier@gmail.com I answer each request personally so please be patient and I promise I will respond.

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