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I love to play sports. In my youth, it didn’t matter what was being played, I was always ready to jump in. There was just something about being in a game. It always got my blood pumping. If a friend called and said, “hey we’re playing football this afternoon, or hoops later,” I would immediately start getting “butterflies” in my stomach just knowing I was going to play later.

This never changed for me. I played in basketball leagues up until my mid-40’s. And I always had the same feeling the day of a game, and especially right before. The excitement in the stomach feeling, because playing is fun and exciting, and there is a chance to win. or make a play that matters.

This is one of the really awesome things about a network marketing business. It’s a real business, but at the same time, it’s like being “in the game.”

You WIN just by being IN the game

Each day you wake up, you can take the field and make something happen. You can win. Unlike sports, where winning is based on outscoring the other team, you don’t have to beat anyone else. You WIN just by being IN the game. And of course you WIN even bigger as you begin to grow your business.

Think about it. If you understand that by stepping on the field each day, ANYTHING is possible in your business, how exciting is that? The possibility alone enhances life. It puts more pep in your step.

Sure there are days where it feels hard, or your frustrated, or people disappoint you, or nothing seems like it’s going right. Heck, sometimes there are months like this. Sports are like that too. I was a pretty good scorer in basketball, but there were some days when I could not make a basket if I had a ladder and no one else in the gym with me! Did I quit playing forever because of days like that?

Nope, I woke up the next day excited about the next time I would have a chance to play.

I can’t imagine a life without possibility in front of me everyday.

Try to remember when you wake up in the morning, or when you are tired from working your job all day and it’s time to make some contacts for your network marketing business, that there are endless possibilities the minute you take a step. THAT’S exciting. And an awesome way to live.

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