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Why would I need a video on How to talk to my friends and Family?

Haven’t I been doing this my whole life? Yes, you have…but not about your network marketing opportunity. When it comes to network marketing, all the sudden, people seem to forget how to talk to people they normally talk to!

I’m not singling anyone out. I had the same issue when I first started way back when. I wasted so much time and energy. I know this is an issue for most people. Everyone would sponsor immediately when they get started if they will just talk to the people they know best. Unless of course, they are in a company that is not really providing something of true value.

This is the second video in this little series. The first was about Why to talk to them. If you haven’t seen that on, make sure to watch it.

For more insights on talking to people the right way check out my little book The Process. Need some Coaching? Reach out to me through the “Work with Me” section of this blog.

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