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Do You Ever Have Difficulty Knowing Who in Your Network Marketing Organization to Invest Your Time in?

One of the biggest challenges you will face as you grow your business is knowing how much time to invest in any single person.

If you are like me, you tend to see all the reasons why someone could be successful. This is a challenge that I have paid for in time poorly spent many times over in my 29 years in the industry.

It’s True That This Business is Non-Discriminatory.

It doesn’t matter where you have come from in life or what your challenges are. Lots of people have come from worse situations and backgrounds to build empires. Everyone has their own set of unique abilities, affinities, knowledge, and experience in life, that are what they can use to successfully build the business. Someone not succeeding never has anything to do with their ability to do so.

Is has completely to do with heart and desire. The longer you are in the business, the more readily you can see how someone could succeed.

So How Do You “See” Heart and Desire?

Only through action. There is simply no other way. The longer you are involved with building the business the more quickly you will be able to discern who is talking the game and who is walking the game.

But there is one clear way to get a hint of who is who. When someone comes to you with an issue or a challenge in the work, work with them to find a solution and then have them go do it and see what happens. What they do next will be a clue for you.

In this video I give you an example that took place recently to show you exactly what I mean.

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