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If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. And probably soon.

You are going to be in a conversation with a prospect and it’s going to be moving along well and you’re going to be getting emotionally involved in the possibility that this person might sign up and work with you. We’re not going to discuss the fact that we shouldn’t be getting emotionally involved. That’s for another day. We’re just going to go right to the part where they ask you….wait for it…

“How much money are you making?”

Let’s not discuss either, the fact that this question really isn’t relevant. That it is sort of a unique question to our industry. Do people go around asking people in general in life how much money they are making? No…they don’t. Ever.

But they do sometimes in the home business industry. So, let’s get back to the part where you are sitting there, feeling like you are on the verge of signing them up. Envisioning that this is the superstar you have been looking for! And then they ask.

What do you say?

The truth. Unless of course you are making the big bucks, then you say, “I do just fine:-)” or “Seriously? Did you just ask me that?” or whatever you want. But the real point is always go with truth.

Author and Servant Leadership Expert Ken Blanchard says “There’s no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.”

So so so true! Look…if you are just starting…and in the big picture your first year or two is just starting, then you are likely not crushing it yet. Say so. If your income is the key to someone signing up…THAT IS THE WRONG PERSON.

Stand in your truth and keep going. Here’s a little video with a few more nuggets on this topic, including another variance on this concept that is real important.

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