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Creating success in home business is not a mystery.

Provided you are treating people with kindness and respect (and are bringing something of value for them) it is simply a function of consistently having people see your presentation.

So what IS a presentation? It’s where the information is provided for the prospect to evaluate whether or not what you are offering is a fit for them. Your story is the most important aspect of this, but there still has to be information that presents the details/benefits or your offer.

This is typically done face to face or through an information tool via the internet.

First and foremost, I want to be clear about one thing.

Whatever you do, if you do enough of it, will work.

Having said that, there are variables that increase efficiency and effectiveness. A few days ago I was on a coaching call with an awesome woman. She is the kind of person that anyone would be fortunate to work with. We were reviewing her progress over the prior few weeks. She had been successful in onboarding customers, but was having a challenge getting responses to her business presentation. A presentation that is well done and compelling, and thus very effective when people see it. The question was, why wasn’t she able to get people to see it?

So we analyzed her steps. Step one was that she was using a direct message to open the door for interest. She was doing this the proper way. Meaning she was not sending any info in the “reach out”, and asking a good targeted question. All good so far. She was getting many positive responses back, that yes, people would be interested in learning about what she had to offer.

She then sent a little about why she was doing what she was doing, which is essentially a piece of her story. This is good too from the perspective that it frames the information. The challenge is that this was all done via direct message. Here’s where the progress slows dramatically.

Is There Anything Wrong With This Method?

No. If she continues to do enough working in this way, she will find people that will be excited to work with her. But, she will have to dramatically increase her numbers. And here’s why.

There is no emotional sensory connection taking place. The prospect cannot feel her. They cannot interpret her heart. In this way of working, the entire mode of the conversation is left entirely to the lens of the prospect.  In other words, the prospect is reading the message based completely on their own life perspective in that moment, in addition to whatever distractions may be present at the moment of reading. There is also no sense of urgency for the prospect to take the action to review the information. Written communication doesn’t convey urgency. It’s not how human beings are wired. Urgent and important things are rarely just communicated between two people by written word. Enthusiasm and passion are also not communicated in written words very well.

As I said before, this method will work, you will just have to do greater numbers at once and become very skilled at communicating a sense of urgency in the message…without going over the line into hype.

Never Use Hype.

Hype is a turn off. So what do you do take get more people to see your presentation? In this short video I will give you the best path to ensure that more of your presentations are seen.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know in the comments below. Think this would be helpful for others? Feel free to share. Let’s help as many people as we can to thrive in this awesome industry.

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