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A few months ago I was sitting in a conference, trying to get a handle on what was bothering me.

 I had been struggling emotionally for a while. Kind of like a dark period. Emotional struggle is not new for me. My wiring  is such that I am prone to ups and downs and I go to great lengths everyday to center myself so that I am not governed by this. As a result most people outside of my closest family don’t  even know this is an issue for me. Anyway, when I struggle I am not the kind of person that turns to “comfort” things like food or alcohol. I am also not an avoider. I work painstakingly at trying to figure out what is going on. I study, read, reflect, journal, assess….continuously.
 But this period had lasted for a long time. What was the most worrisome for me was that, in the midst of feeling down, I clearly understood how good my life was. I was earning more money than ever, married to an awesome lady who loves me, in excellent health, and everyday I get emails and messages from someone who shares with me how my teaching or training, or something I said, has made a huge difference in their life. Shouldn’t I feel amazing?
But here I was, sitting in a conference trying to figure out what was up when the speaker says “playing small is selfish.”


 This was the moment when I realized what my issue was and what I was suppose to do next. This is exactly how life works too. You struggle through a process with something…could be a day a week a month or a year or two years…depending on the size of the issue. Then all of a sudden you have complete clarity. But of course it wasn’t all of a sudden…it just feels that way!  I had been playing small compared to what I am capable of doing. I am a teacher who is passionate about equipping and inspiring people to succeed the right way in this awesome industry, and I wasn’t doing enough of it. I decided to focus on making a massive contribution, and everything opened up. It’s an amazing feeling to go for it and play big and so….

I Want to Help You Decide to Play Big.

 First of all, let’s begin with what “playing small” means. Playing small means we are not going “all in” to become the best we can be and make the biggest impact we possibly can in this world. It means we are not truly developing all of our unique abilities and talents. It means we are holding back. It means that we are operating more in the FEAR of what could happen instead of in the FAITH of what could happen. It means we are settling for much less than life would gladly give us. It means we are consuming as much or more than we are contributing.
Now let’s talk about how this is “selfish.” You see, developing ourselves and going for our dreams and goals boldly, is how we affect, influence, impact, and improve the lives of others. To not do this, means we are more focused on being comfortable than making a difference. This is selfish. This is like saying the rest of the world around you is not worth the opportunity to make their own lives better.

Here’s the take away for you. What would happen for you, if right now, you decided to play bigger? What would happen in your life? How would it feel? What would become possible? Who would you be exampling for?

 Just this one decision will change your life so fast and in so many ways it will blow your mind. You have no idea what incredible things you are capable of….no one does, until they go for it. And this I can promise you…you will never regret a decision to play big, and you will always wonder “what if” if you don’t decide. Notice I didn’t say decide not to. That’s because no one says to themselves, I am deciding to live mediocre…they simply don’t decide to go for it.
Now  just to be clear. Deciding to play big is not all roses. It is by far, the ultimate way to live. But you have to know that success requires struggle. This is why stories of struggle come out of the mouths of every successful person. Because this is necessary. A story of easy success does not inspire anyone. Only stories of overcoming our own circumstances and fears and challenges inspire others to begin to believe they too can change their life. How do these stories happen? With a single decision to play big.
Play BIG my friends. Life and abundance and exhilaration are OUTSIDE of the comfort zone.

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Many Blessings,
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