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There is a tendency to think (especially if you’re new) that you have to know all the ins and outs of your product/service/compensation plan (and you can add whatever else you want that I missed) before you can really talk to someone about it.

Nothing could be further than the truth!!!

You actually need to know very little about those things, or to be precise, you need to know very little about why these things do what they do. You only really need to know what benefits they provide.

But What if They Ask Me a Question?

Then you can go find the answer! But trust me…no one is going to ask you a relevant question about what you have to offer until they know that they are actually interested in what you have to offer. And the only thing that will get them to be interested is you sharing what it does for them. Since THIS is what they care about. Everybody you ever talk to only wants to know what is in this for me (that’s known as WIIFM if you haven’t seen it before).

No One is Going to Ask You a Relevant Question About What You Have to Offer Until They Know That They are Actually Interested in What You Have to Offer.

You have only got to communicate the benefits of what you offer first. If they are interested, then they will want to learn more. Although, I’ve got to tell you that will sponsor a lot of people in your career who won’t even ask you why it provides the benefit (this is called the feature or features by the way).

So do you need to know all about your stuff before you start talking about it? Absolutely not. You only need to know where to find the information should someone want it! I have seen too many people in my career stand still studying all about everything, while the person next to them is sponsoring like crazy yet doesn’t know the first thing about how anything works!

In this video, I am actually going to take you one level deeper. It’s the ultimate thing to communicate after the benefit.

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