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I guess I should ask…Do you want to create massive change in your business in 12 months?

You might be thinking “Todd I want to create massive change in the next 12 weeks!!” I get it. I understand the issue of impatience. We all have to deal with wanting what we want and wanting it now. And unfortunately, impatience with not getting it right now is how lots of people end up in the same situation 12 months from right now. That will NOT be you if I have anything to do with it.

Most People Way Overestimate What Can be Done in 12 Weeks and Way Underestimate What Can be Done in 12 Months.

I have rarely in my life seen massive change in 3 months for anyone in anything. I have seen substantial progress though. And this is where the big picture of change starts. The same level of energy that leads to substantial increase in 12 weeks is the level of energy that will take you to a massive change in 12 months. And believe me, you can sustain this level of energy for a year. In fact, the longer you pour it on, the easier and more habitual it will be.

And I’m not even talking about how successful you will be in your business, though you definitely will be more successful. I am talking about who you will become in those 12 months. You will be more developed as a person. You will be happier. As a result, you will have better relationships. You will be enthusiastic about life. You will be way more skilled and effective in your business. And you will likely have a much higher income too.

Think about this. Consider where you were 12 months ago. Are you happy with the progress that brought you to this moment? If you’re not I can almost guarantee that you didn’t take a consistent high level of action in any of the areas you are dissatisfied in.

Change it. You can. And it’s worth it. And YOU are worth it. I give you a little more in this video, I hope you enjoy it.

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