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A few days ago I was invited to speak to a group of college students about the risks and realities of being an entrepreneur.

It was an eye-opening experience for the 60 students and for me. I conducted this session in a facilitative fashion. In other words, rather than speak to or at them, I spoke with them. While I certainly delivered to them information that was important for them to know, and they were involved in asking questions and providing perspective throughout our time together.

It was almost shocking to me what their perspective was in general. For the most part, the majority of these young, talented minds, didn’t see being an entrepreneur as an option for them.

This told me two things right away. One, they didn’t really understand how simply someone can be an entrepreneur in today’s world. And secondly, and even more important, they didn’t understand how tenuous the secureness of  a job really is.

They Had the Same Misconception That Their Parents Have: That a Job Means Security.

Since the average length of a job today is now 4.2 years, and that has steadily decreased and will continue to, it’s pretty obvious that there isn’t security in a job. When you couple this with the prediction that 40-50% of the workforce will be contract workers (which means both self-employed and disposable) by 2020, this puts these young people in a position to be sorely challenged when they step into the job world.

Now don’t misread me, they should absolutely get a job and begin making their way in the world and living on their own. They just need to know that this will not provide security. It may provide temporary stability and afford them to subsist independently, but it will not provide most of them the future opportunity they hope for.

It’s Important That You Talk To This Generation

I believe those of us who understand what is possible in a home business and how important it is for development personally as well as for creating financial independence, have a responsibility to share this with this group. This group is talented, technologically savvy, socially connected, and has the opportunity to do something significant at a relatively young age. But only if they know what the truth is.

I give you a little more insight into this in this video.

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