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In yesterday’s article about why to talk to the young generation, I talked about how important it is to make sure they know the truth about what is available for them in the world in addition to what’s not available (for example job security).

This article is about the nature of the voice you have to share into this generation. The millennial population is the most connected group of people in the history of the planet. They have access to more information and people than anyone ever. Guess what information and people always speak the loudest in general?

If you said the negative ones you are the contest winner! There is way too much negativity at everyone’s’ fingertips. This generation is already facing a world in which they have likely not been fully prepared to face, and the most influential and frequent input they have is negative….so understand, when you add high amounts of negativity to the anxiety of uncertainty, you get a recipe for a hopeless feeling.

This group needs to hear positive and encouraging voices. And they need to hear them repeatedly to counteract the steady flow of negative trash that is going into their minds.

This Group is Talented, Smart, and Highly Connected, and is Coming of Age in The Greatest Time for Personal Opportunity in History.

They can do and be whatever they choose. IF they have any understanding that it’s possible. This is another reason a home business community is so important for this group. What better time to be surrounded by people that are inspired, encouraging, caring, supportive, and working at making a difference? It wasn’t until I was 40 that I was in a position through my home business path to basically pursue and do whatever was interesting for me.

Imagine Being in a Position to Pursue Whatever Is in Your Heart to Do By the Time You Reach 30?

That is totally possible for today’s younger generation. They need encouraging voices in their life. They need positive voices in their life. Because You and I know, that once their mind is opened that they have endless possibilities, and they begin to go down that road of working towards a goal, they are going to have lots of negative voices.

We need to step up, open the doors, and encourage them to take steps. Here’s a little more on this thought process.

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