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In the Previous article I talked about the idea of you simply committing to digging to get the gold. If you didn’t read that one or see the video I highly suggest it!

In this article we move to the next step in the process, and it’s an important message for anyone committed to building a long term business. At this point you realize that you can take all the gold you will ever need from this ground and there will be more than enough for as many other people who are willing to dig through the dirt too.

So you naturally start inviting people to come get there share. You call up your friends and say “Hey I’ve got gold in my land and there’s more than I could ever need, why don’t you come over and start digging too?”

This is Not Any Different Than…

“Hey, I’ve found an awesome way to make money from home and I’m expanding and you are the kind of person I’d like to work with.” (I teach a little more refined approach than this, but this is just for the idea)

It’s the same idea as you digging through the dirt to uncover the gold. You will have some people that just won’t come. It doesn’t matter what you say. They just aren’t going to do it. They will tell you they don’t have time, they will say they don’t believe you, they will say it’s too far to drive, they will say all kinds of things…including say they are coming over and then not show up!

So What Do You Do?

Nothing! What are you going to do, beg someone to let you help them make a positive change in their life? That would be a huge waste of your time and energy! After all, you still have the goldmine! You can continue to offer to as many people as you want. Every second you ever waste with someone who won’t help themselves is a second you could spend doing anything else…like talking to someone who is ready, or hanging out with your family, or doing something fun that you like to do.

The people who won’t come are simply the next type of dirt you have to move out of the way in order to find the next type of gold which in this case are the people who are serious about making a change in their life. Isn’t that who you would WANT to work with anyway?

You will get some more nuggets (no pun intended) in this video.

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