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One of the biggest plagues in the home business space is the constant hype about how someone can get rich fast. It is a major part of the challenge in public perception.

If the network marketing community as a whole would stop using “gamey” hype, the public in general would more quickly see what a great way it is to live and work. Now obviously not everyone does this. There are plenty of people who conduct themselves in a professional manner, actually more so than at any point in the history of the industry.

It Only Takes a Small Percentage of  “Gamers” Yelling Loudly on The Internet to Taint the Business.

Are there true stories of people who made it big fast? Sure there are. This is true of any industry. But it is rare. Especially as it relates to legacy style businesses. Most people who have built successful businesses worked long and hard to do so.

True opportunities are built to last. This means they are built on solid fundamentals and don’t need to function in a gamey fashion. The older someone is, the more likely they have settled into one of two thought-lives: 1. They think all networking companies are scammy because at some point they got sucked into the idea they could get rich fast, it didn’t happen, and then they just held onto a blanket belief that all the companies are like this. 2. They saw through the hype, understood the true principles and possibilities, and are either working steadily in a company they believe in, or trying to find a true long term opportunity.

Neither of these groups will respond to hype obviously, so it is not smart to use it, because these excellent prospects will see that as a red flag and not be open.

The Younger Generation is a Little More Vulnerable.

Like me when I first got into the industry, they don’t know what they don’t know. They will be attracted to the idea of fast success, and a few will have it, but the rest will become tainted. And in today’s world it is almost criminal to taint a young mind against one of the better options they have for a secure future. Especially since they are perfectly positioned from a skills perspective for using the technology tools available to build with today.

I my case, I “stuck” despite the fact that I could see early on that it wasn’t going to happen fast for me. I got into the personal development aspect, and worked hard to change my life. This is a huge value proposition the industry provides, and is one of the best things that can happen to a young mind. We owe it to this generation to give them a true view of what the industry can hold for them, because this will lead to fruitful lives for them and their families.

I give you a lot more on this topic in this video.

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