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I’m going to go really big picture on you here based on one thing you can absolutely do.

Imagine for a minute knowing what you know now about personal development and how wide open your opportunities truly are in life, but knowing this when you were in your early twenties. Think about how powerful that could have been. You may be one of the tiny percentage who did know, or you might be in your early twenties now reading this, and saying to yourself “so what I already know?”

Regardless of which of the above is true, what are you doing with this understanding? Certainly my wish for you is that you are applying this with energy to live the best life you can. And I hope that what you are getting from my articles is playing some small role in helping you. There is a huge thing you can do with this for the future.

Invest Some of Your Energy in Mentoring a Young Person Just Getting Started in Their Career Journey.

It blew my mind recently when I was talking to this group of 60 Freshman and Sophomores in College. They were mostly clueless as to how wide open their possibilities are. There is still a massive environment of limited thinking surrounding this group. I assumed the social media platforms would have them farther down the road of what’s possible in life, and maybe the sample size was too small, but it appears it hasn’t.

Mentoring one young person can create an incredible domino effect. They will begin to see the world for what’s possible. This changes how they think, which then changes the choices they make. This changes their results for the better. This is the first domino. From there they begin to example for their peers opening up their minds about what’s possible. These are the lateral dominos as they start to positively affect more peers. It doesn’t just go laterally though does it? It will then impact their future children, and on it can go.

I know what it meant for my children to grow up in a household where we promoted possibility thinking and pursuing what is in your heart to do. They still had to combat the conformist thinking of their peers and many of their teachers through the education system, but in the end, they came out as people who go for their dreams. Isn’t that what young people should do?

What a blessing you can give to a young person through your mentorship. There is one caveat though. You have to be in a position to be a mentor to them. In this video I tell you what you have to do for this to be the case.

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