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As you grow your organization you will experience, and work with all kinds of people.

When I teach Situational Leadership (which is a really important topic and one of my favorites to teach) I break down the different levels that people are on in the space of the work and how to work with each person at their level. For this article, I’m going to simplify this to two types of people. People that are a joy to work with and people that aren’t.

For this point we will re-visit the goldmine analogy that you’ve read about over the past few weeks. These are the people who take the journey with you. The ones that stay and dig.

Everyone Has the Same Opportunity.

But not everyone is going to see it that way. Some will be complaining constantly about their conditions. They will complain about their shovel (tools) they will complain about their dirt (people they are talking to) they will be complaining about their ability to dig (their skills) and on and on. You won’t believe some of the stuff you will hear.

On the other side of this discussion you will have people who have the completely opposite perspective. They will do whatever they have to. They will be grateful you offered them the chance to come dig. They will be diligent in figuring out how to best get their gold out given who they are and what they have to work with.

You don’t get to choose who will behave the way you want them to. You have no idea how someone will be when you get deeper in the process with them.

In today’s video I give you a little more insight into this topic.

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