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Which do you focus on more? The people that are telling you “no” or the people who are saying “yes?”

One of the most common things I hear from people who are early in building the business is how they just can’t get “Bob” to sign up or buy their product or service. I’m not picking on people named Bob. Bob is my example here. I’ll bet you have had your share of Bobs too.

Bob in this example is the person who really needs what you are offering, and even admits he needs it, but he just won’t do anything about it. I hear about Bob over and over. And often it’s the same Bob from the same person! The issue here is not that Bob won’t take action. He’s just being Bob.

The Issue is That The Distributor is Focused on The Person Who Won’t Sign-up.

They are spending enormous amounts of time trying to get all their Bob’s to take action. This is what you call opportunity cost. This is valuable time that could be spent talking to “Mary” who is ready to take action. Human nature dictates that for every 10 people you talk to who absolutely need what you have to offer, and know they need it, that 2 are ready to take action.

Bob represents the eight who aren’t ready to do anything about it and Mary represents the two who are. The business is so much easier when you grasp that your job is just to simply and quickly sift through all the Bobs to find the Marys. Working against human nature is no fun.

Working with human nature makes things easy. Your success is inevitable if you simply commit to a number of contacts per day and follow through professionally.

In this throwback video I explain a fundamental that has been true forever and will help make your work easy.

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