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Wouldn’t you want to know  what makes people want to join your team?

Of course you would! So I’m going to help you with that today. What I am giving you here is what you will share to wrap up your story.

The most effective thing someone can learn is your story. Your story is what opens the door of hope and possibility for them. In my book the Process as well as my upcoming digital training (which I really teach deep on this topic this will be available in the next month) I give you the 5 step recipe for telling your story in the best way.

Your story in this recipe format is the best tool you will ever have. No presentation will ever have as much impact. The 5th and last thing you share when you tell your story is…

What Your Experience Has Been So Far

This means up to the moment that you are sharing your story with the prospect. And this can be done via phone, in person, by video call…it doesn’t matter the medium…the story is what matters.

The biggest misconception most people have is that they think for the business opportunity they have to have a story about how successful they are or how much money they are making before their story is attractive. This couldn’t be less accurate. In fact, the more money you make and the faster you make it, the less likely the person you are talking to is going to relate to you and believe they can do it too. I know this seems counter intuitive but it’s true.

Even worse news on the money front, is that the people who do join because of the big fast money story, are way less likely to stick. They are simply looking for the overnight sensation and when they discover it’s going to take time and effort, they are going to go bye-bye.

So now that you know what it’s not, here is the first one of what it is: The awesome community of people. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, in any business setting has a better community than the community of a long term network marketing organization. Positive, inspired, encouraging, growth oriented, helping others minded, and supportive only begins to describe the people.

Do you think that’s attractive? Do you think people are experiencing that in their daily lives? If you are still in the work place look around at your job. You do not see this kind of environment. It’s worth being in a network marketing company just for this!

In this video I give you four more that will really help.

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