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Contacting your warm market should be a natural thing.

After all, you have been doing it naturally your entire life. Yet, I here it over and over….”what do I say?”

Suddenly something as natural as picking up the phone and calling someone you’ve talked to countless times, is now strange. That’s a big clue right there. If it’s at all uncomfortable then you are over-thinking it. You’re caught up in thinking about what the exact words should be in order to have your friend be interested in what you are doing.

There are no exact words. Your friend is either going to be interested or not. Think about it this way…

You Can’t Say the Right Thing to The Wrong Person or The Wrong Thing to The Right Person.

I don’t remember where I heard that first, but it is, and always will be, true. The key thing to remember here is what would you normally say?

In other words, if you knew your friend likes jelly beans and your company sells awesome jelly beans, would you call your friend up and say hey I have a way we can make a lot of money? Not if you are paying attention you won’t.

You will call your friend and say “hey I know you love jelly beans and I just found some great jelly beans I think you will want to try.”

That is called using a “connector.” It is a natural connection that you know about a person and it is the ideal way to approach the warm market. You know all the connectors with your closer warm market and if you will make the approach using them, as they pertain to what your company offers, then you will have a very receptive market.

I’m not suggesting every one will sign-up. That will still be a function of the numbers playing out. I am saying it will be pretty easy to make the contacts and have them be open to learning.

This video gives you a little more insight on this powerful tool.

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