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You do not get paid for hearing someone say Yes. This is simply when you receive your commission.

You are earning your money for each conversation you have that results in a yes or no. This is the truth in the work that once it is fully understood is a game changer.

You are creating income for each conversation. But do you know how much?

The Standard Equation is to Divide the Amount of Money Received From a Sale into The Number of People You Present To.

So if you make $100 when you make a sale, and you have to talk to five people to make a sale, you are in essence making $20 each conversation you have. This is a great way to think about it. Each conversation is worth the same amount of money regardless of the outcome.

How many conversations would you have (where there had to be an outcome of yes or no) if you were making $20 for each one? The obvious answer is as many as you can!

Here’s the even better news. From a business opportunity perspective, you will still have an equation for the involvement aspect. You will earn something when they become a customer who is going to build a business. In addition though, you get the potential that they multiply, so automatically the equation is worth more than $20.

It doesn’t stop here though. There is a huge component of this that you rarely hear about that I explain in this video. This will blow you away, and you will want all your team members to understand this.

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