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Do you ever struggle with when to re-contact someone who has said no to you?

I remember this feeling. “What am I going to say to them now? They already said no once.” “What will they think if I call them again?” “Will they feel like I am pressuring them?”

This is a common challenge in the business and one that can make a huge difference in your long term success. Follow up, in general, is a challenge for lots of people because this is where they really fear hearing the big NO. Right? You get past the fear of no in the approach, and if you do hear no in the approach it’s not as big a deal because the other person is saying no without even knowing what you are offering.

The no in the follow up is deeper, because now the prospect has evaluated your information (or so we think!) so when they say no it is more personal because it is an informed no. The Follow up I am now talking about is a different kind of follow up…a follow up that is more like a re-approach!

So The Real Question is When Do You Re-Approach Someone?

This is going to vary based on several factors including personal preference. Before we even get to when though, we have to talk about how to be in a position to have your next call welcomed. This is a huge point. I only teach principles and fundamentals that build long term relationships and hence lead to long term success.

The great thing about your list of contacts is that when you work the way I teach, your list never gets smaller. It only gets bigger. You see, when you treat people with kindness and respect and you don’t’ pressure them, they are usually receptive to another contact. And since you are building a business for life, you are going to contact people several times in your career.

The key thing is conducting yourself properly and being professional. When you work this way each time you re-approach them you have greater credibility. You will recruit many customers and business partners who said no to you the first few times you approached them.

Here is a live Training video I did in My Facebook Business page where I break this down, so I give you several training nuggets to help you out.

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