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Have you ever struggled with how to start a conversation with someone you just met?

Let’s go one step further. Have you ever struggled with how to prospect someone you just met? If the answer is yes, I have a little nugget for you today to help you with this. Before I go further, I know there is a chance that you are one of those people who can talk to anyone.

News Flash! Most of the people that you sponsor will not be like you. So even if this is not an issue for you, in order to effectively teach and lead the greatest number of people, you have to be able to help the greatest number of people. This will help you help them.

The Fundamental Principle That Makes This Easy is That It’s All About Them

I am a pure introvert, so initiating a conversation is not something that comes naturally for me. I hope this helps you to recognize that when I teach you any concept for prospecting, you know that it will work for anyone! In this case, There are two outcomes you will have if you follow what I am sharing: You will have a bona-fide prospect or a new contact to cultivate. Unless of course you don’t get a nice vibe from this person and then you can say NO to them:-)

If you are willing to be observant and ask questions, you can learn all kinds of things about someone. In the video I talk a bit about a direct approach, but you can also make a friend/contact and then contact a few days later, it doesn’t matter, whatever you are comfortable with.

So check out the video and pay attention to the doughnut story.

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