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At this moment, how much better off are you than you were a year ago?

Are you further ahead in your business? Are you in better shape physically? Are you better in your relationships?

I hope the answer to this question, in these areas is yes. Unfortunately for most people, yes isn’t the answer. Since we can’t go backwards in life, let’s talk briefly about how to make sure that a year from now your answer is absolutely YES!!!

This message was inspired by a conversation I had recently with a very cool lady. The last time we had a meaningful conversation was ten years ago. She is intelligent, motivated, and a self-starter. And yet…she is no better off than she was ten years ago. Her challenge is not uncommon. She has been so wrapped up in what other people have her doing, that she has not been proactive towards her own priorities and dreams.

If she had just been proactive an hour per day on something that she cared about, where might she be now? She would have invested 3650 hours into herself in that time span. That’s 152 days of 24 hour productivity. Which is more like 2 years relative to a job.

An hour a day is 4% of your time…in just 4% of your time, you can change anything. I like to use the analogy of painting.

Each Day of Your Life is Part of The Picture That is Completed When You Leave The Planet

How that picture looks in the future is not decided yet. The question is this: Who do you want painting this picture?

Do you want to be the one holding the brush that paints the picture of your life or do you want someone else to hold the brush? I know my answer. I would rather have a picture that is not so pretty in every spot, but know that I painted it, than be left to ponder how I could possibly have allowed someone else to paint the picture of my life!

A lot of people sign up into a network marketing business. In essence, they get involved. But they don’t get committed. There network marketing business becomes like the treadmill they use as a clothes hanger. A great idea that they don’t make time for. This video gives you a deeper look into this really important topic.

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