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How would you like a really simple test to see the heart of a leader?

Wouldn’t that be helpful? After all, knowing the heart of the leader is hugely important when determining the motivation behind actions and words. The heart tells the story most every time. But it’s difficult to discern the heart.

Heart is not something you can get to quickly. It takes a substantial period of time to really see where someone is coming from, and all kinds of things can sway how you interpret and perceive. There is no question that the majority of impactful leaders in life, the ones who create enduring legacies, are servant leaders.

This style of leadership is at the core of strong enduring leadership in Network marketing. Any time you find a leader with a long history of success, you are likely to find a servant style leader (not always, but usually). After all, the business is centered in the concept of helping others to help yourself. That is one of the things that I love most about it.

This Business is Centered in the Concept of Helping Others to Help Self.

I have been teaching servant leadership for years. I first learned about it through John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard. It is the platform on which I teach major corporations and Network Marketing Organizations. It is the ONLY way to lead volunteers, and it is the best way to lead people who are in your employ because when they feel you have their best interest at heart, they want to work hard for you.

When They Feel You Have Their Best Interest at Heart They Want to Work Hard for You.

In this video I give you a little insight as to how you can you can discover the heart of the leaders you are associated with. In addition, you can use this nugget in developing your own servant leadership style.

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