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Do you want to have people WANT to follow you?

If you want to be a leader, then your answer has to be yes. True leadership is about people wanting to follow, not having to follow. This is why position, authority, power, fear, control, and title are not truly relevant to real leadership. Anything other than someone truly wanting to follow indicates lack of leadership.

This is the last leadership post for the week. I actually did not begin the week with the idea that I would do four consecutive articles on leadership (my posting schedule is Mon-Thursday, and Saturday). It just sort of happened. But I’m glad it went down this way. I am passionate about this topic, and you get to benefit from the expertise that I have shared with tens of thousands over my career both in teaching Corporate America and Network Marketing Organizations.

From the Moment You Sponsor Someone You are Developing the Opportunity to Lead.

I say opportunity because you have to earn the permission. People do not have to follow you in network marketing. They can do whatever they’d like because while they are part of your organization, it is THEIR business. This is permission you want to earn anyway because it means you are making an impact in their life. This is the big win. Knowing you help change someone’s life for the better feels better and lasts longer than any paycheck you will ever get.

Ray Higdon, my mentor, says prospecting someone never changed their life, you have to sponsor them to have the chance to impact their life. These are not the exact words, but they are the exact meaning. This happens through leading them the proper way. The five things that you need to do to truly earn their permission and be in the position to make the biggest impact are detailed in the video.

Often I will give you several points from the video in the body of the article. In this case, the information is too valuable to not defer to the detailed insight of the video. I can promise you this video could be one of the most important you ever watch in regards to developing your leadership. So make sure to take the time to watch it.

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