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How Would You Like to be a Master at Making Contacts?

If you answered yes, then this article could be a watershed experience for you. I mean it. This aspect of the business is the most important thing to learn to master because it’s where it all starts. Yes, you need to become good at the rest of the process, but the rest of the process isn’t even relevant if you cannot properly make a contact.

The reason I am so confident that this will be huge for you is because it is easy to do and it’s been proven over and over. Now I’m sure other people teach this too…I’ve just never seen it anywhere else. I developed this style many years ago out of necessity. Being an introvert, with low self-esteem and a non-confrontational personality, making an initial contact was insanely scary to me. I was constantly terrified of the phone as I tried to use the technique laden scripts that were taught. I pushed through it but it felt so unnatural and forced. So I found a way to make it easy. And it’s likely not what you might be thinking because…

It Has Little To Do With What You Say and Everything To Do With How You Say It.

What you say does play a role, and I teach some really natural things to say that are highly effective, but the way you say it is king. Follow the recipe I give you and you will become a contacting machine because it will become fun to do.

The first thing in the recipe is to be nice. Maybe you thought posture was the first thing? Your posture should be that you have something good and if they don’t want it that’s okay with you because you are doing it anyway, but you can be extremely nice and still have posture. But nice is a huge piece. Why is it huge? Because you stand out in the crowd. Believe it or not, there is a shortage of nice going around. So when you are nice people notice and it puts them at ease.

The next thing is to be honest. About everything. All the time. Don’t pretend you know what you don’t know. Don’t try to be an expert. Don’t exaggerate. Just be honest. Once again, you will stand out. There is also a bit of shortage in honesty too apparently!

So far so good? Are you thinking to yourself, “I can certainly do that!” Good! You are on your way. Now watch the video to get the rest. I know what a difference it can make for you and your teams.

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