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Duplication is such an important part of building a big business.

If your goal is to make a few hundred dollars per month and enjoy the community of networking and the personal growth and the joy of improving someone’s life through your products or service, then you do not need to worry about duplication. You just have to consistently work the process to acquire and serve customers. But if your goal is to build a serious business, then you need to be able to duplicate. So the question is, are you duplicable?

The answer is no. You are not duplicable. There is only one of you. You are unique. There might be other people on this planet that are similar to you, but there is only one you. This isn’t bad news though. Because YOU do not need to be duplicable.

The Only Thing That Needs to Be Duplicable is The Process That You are Working

This is a wonderful feature of our awesome industry. The process to work is simple. As long as you are working the process in a duplicable manner, then you can find people who can duplicate. I’ll give you an example. Suppose you are working with health products and you sponsor a Doctor. If a doctor tells someone that they should use the products are they likely to do so? Let’s just say, there is a higher probability that they will than if you say so. If that is the only way a doctor works, then this is not duplicable except by other doctors.

If however, the doctor opens the door to the idea of the products, and then has the person watch a video to learn about them, this is duplicable. Because the person who then decides to use the products could see how they can then share the same video. Heck, this person can even use the doctor in their story by saying “hey my doctor turned me on to this product, watch this video and you’ll see why it’s so awesome.”

Now you might think, yes but the doctor has people coming in the door. That’s not duplicable. True. But lead source doesn’t need to be duplicable. Only what happens once the lead is in the process needs to be consistently duplicable. Everyone has people to talk to and endless ways to find more.

This is why the use of information tools is such a powerful way to work. Anyone can use an information tool and it actually improves the understanding of the prospect that they too can do the business, because you can share with them that all they do is make a contact and share the information tool too. The system of using the tool can become part of how you introduce someone to the possibility. It’s genius.

I give you a lot more perspective on this in this video. Enjoy!

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