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Do you ever have people that you just don’t click with?

Of course you do. We all do. And this is an important thing to remember as you are working in your business. You will not connect with every person. Not everyone will like your company, your product or service, your marketing plan….and here’s the bigger one…not everyone is going to like you!

One of the surest ways to make yourself miserable is to try to please everyone in life. You definitely cannot think this way in leadership, but this isn’t about leadership, this is a general philosophy. If you are super nice, some people won’t like you because you are super nice. If you are really cool, some people won’t like you if you are really cool! Different strokes for different folks as they say. Here is an important point to remember when you are working your business….

Nothing is For Everyone, and Everything is For Someone

As long as you are true to yourself, and you work in a nice, honest, and respectful way, you will attract the people that resonate with you. Yes, your product, service, opportunity, etc. matter, but nothing matters more than YOU.

You are enough. You are exactly who you are supposed to be. Never think you have to change who you are to please someone else. Just write it off, that you aren’t going to resonate with everyone. And you don’t NEED to.

There are many millions of people out there that would be elated to work with you. That would think you are the most awesome person on the planet. Keep working the right way, keep taking your steps forward and you will find your people.

I give you a little more insight in this video.

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