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Have you ever had a dry spell?

You know what I mean, that period when it seems like nothing is working. When no one is saying yes. This is when you really start to question yourself isn’t it? Maybe I can’t do it! It’s not going to work for me. Nobody is interested. And I’m sure you can add to this list. Because one thing I’m certain of is that you have gone through one. If you are new, you will go through one, and you have gone through this before in other areas of your life. Some of you might be in one right now!!!

“Where Dry Dessert Ends Green Grass Grows.”-Og Mandino

This is a stone cold truth. There is always green grass up ahead waiting for the persistent networker. This might seem counterintuitive, but you will be glad you had dry spells. Huh? Yes, you will. Because these dry spells are struggles. And struggles are part of any worthwhile story. How are you going to inspire someone, and I mean truly inspire someone, if you have no struggles? How could you have empathy and the ability to coach someone in your team through a difficult period if you never had one or ten yourself?

The first thing you have to remember in the midst of a dry spell, is that it will end. You just have to keep going. The process for building your business absolutely works, and always will. So keep your focus in front of you and push through no matter how hungry or thirsty you are, and eventually you will emerge in your next oasis.

The second thing to remember is not to look to the side. Don’t look over at someone else who is having some success and seems to be awash in lush green grass. I see networkers do this too often. During a time of struggle they look at someone in a different company who is succeeding and think that the grass is greener over there. They are looking at the wrong thing. They think it’s the grass that matters.

It’s All About the Gardener, Not the Grass.

They aren’t thinking about what the gardener had to go through to get their grass to look like that. They think it’s magic grass. Nope. It’s the gardener. If you step over to the side and get some of that grass, at some point you will find yourself back in the dessert again. Because given any level of decent grass potential at all, it will always be about the dedication and persistence of the gardener. Changing companies does not change you.

I share some great examples of perseverance in this video and several more insights, I believe will serve you are your team greatly.

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