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Have you ever had someone hype you?

How about pressure you? Even worse, have you ever had someone shame you? Or have you seen someone shame someone else? In case you aren’t certain of what I mean by shaming, this is when you make someone feel bad about the decisions they make. One of the classic ones is to make someone feel bad for having a job. Like they must be crazy. What in the world is this serving. Somehow they think that shaming someone is going to make them magically want to join them. Who wants to join someone who behaves like that?

How about this one? Have you ever had another networker talk bad about your company? This is the kind of stuff that makes our industry look bad. I heard Ray Higdon say “people don’t have a problem with network marketing, they have a problem with network marketers.”

“People Don’t Have a Problem With Network Marketing, They Have a Problem With Network Marketers.”-Ray Higdon

The above behaviors are what keep people from wanting to get involved. They taint this wonderful industry. When you think about it who wouldn’t want:

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Great Products and Services
  • A Great Support Community
  • Residual Income

You see it? Everyone would want this. So why do people not join, provided your opportunity is a fit for them? Because of the behavior of a few bad apples.

We as an industry have to take responsibility for wiping out the disease of hype, pressure, shaming, down-talking. Each one of us. We don’t have to agree on who’s opportunity or products or services are the best. We just have to be respectful and supportive of each other and our industry. We have to be good stewards of our industry and work together so that the world can FEEL what a great thing this is.

When we do this. Look out. We will absolutely grow like we cannot imagine. In this video, I share a little deeper insight.

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