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Do you ever make assumptions about people in your business?

I call this prejudging. Prejudging is when we think we know how someone will respond, or we think we know what’s important to them. I have been around this work for 28 years and one thing I can tell you for certain, is that most of the time you prejudge you will be wrong.

When we prejudge this is totally based on assumptions we are making that are based on how we see the world and how we see the other person. It wouldn’t be a big deal if we prejudged someone and then still asked them the question. I use the term ask the question because it is relative to all the areas. When we prejudge and it causes us to not act, it means we won’t ask.

Prejudging Edits the World and Takes Away Possibilities.

The minute we make assumptions that we then act as if truth, we have limited ourselves. You never want to limit your potential. The numbers cannot work in your favor if you are filtering them. The truth is that you have no idea who will be interested, or how much money they are willing to spend, or how much time they are willing to invest, or anything else.

I explore the four areas where prejudging crushes your success potential. Pay close attention and I guarantee I will give you four examples that you have already done (unless you signed up today:-). Knowing these four will help you eliminate them from ever happening again.

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