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When I am really hungry, the worst thing you can do is hand me a giant menu with a whole bunch of choices on it.

I will just glaze over. This is exactly what happens to a prospect when they get information bombed. It is a normal mistake to make too. You are talking to someone and they are responding favorably, and you send them ever piece of information you can think of because surely they will want to know about all this cool stuff.

Wrong. They only want to know what they want to know. Anything else you give them just complicates things.

Confusion and Overwhelming Leads to Inaction.

I love to fish, as you may know already. When I go to a body of water, I will typically use only a few baits. I don’t go out into the middle and dump my whole tackle box full of baits into the water to see what the fish will bite. If the fish has too many things to look at, it’s not going to pick any of them!

I’m going to fish a bait that I know the type of fish I am looking for will bite if they are hungry. If they aren’t hungry, it won’t matter what I use. Just like with your prospect.

You Cannot Give the Right Information to the Wrong Prospect

In the case of your prospect, they have a specific benefit the are interested in. Give them only the information they need to understand that you can help them achieve this benefit. If they need something else, they will ask you. Then you can supply that, and ask if there is anything else they would need to know to get started.

Otherwise, think of it this way. Each additional piece of information has a negative time compounding effect. The more you give them, the more time they will perceive it will take to go through it, the longer they will wait to even look at it. And that’s just the time problem. They will also now have a potential overload problem too. Overload leads to overwhelm and overwhelm hangs out a lot with confusion. Any of these things equals a frozen prospect.

Keep the business simple. If you are talking about a product, send only the info relative to that product. This would be true of a service as well. When it comes to an opportunity, send only a tool that does the job of giving them the information, not multiple tools.

Here is a little more on the subject.

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