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One of the primary reasons traditional entrepreneurs fail is that they cannot sustain their business long enough to become profitable.

It’s usually not an issue of having a good product or service, it is an issue of cash flow. This is not a problem in home business and network marketing, unless the entrepreneur makes it so. There is a great story in history about Cortez conquering Mexico. According to legend, Cortez landed on the shore with 600 warriors and successfully conquered a vast country against seemingly insurmountable odds. In order to have his men in the proper mindset to tackle this massive objective, Cortez ordered the ships to be burned. In other words, he made retreat no option. His soldiers would either win or perish.

What if You Approached Your Business With This Same Approach?

Fortunately you don’t face death as the alternative to success! But you do have lots of options in this day and age don’t you? What I am suggesting to you is that you “burn the ship” that would keep you from succeeding. In network marketing, provided you have a quality product, a stable company, and will work consistently, the only thing that would keep you from success is quitting.

The process for building the business is simple to do, and anyone can do it. I’m not saying it is easy. It’s not. There are all kinds of adversities you face in growing the business from the day to day of emotional ups and downs, to your own personal situations and challenges, in addition to a full life, and then there is your continual learning curve. But the fact is, that you can do it. As you read this there are people all over the world succeeding from even more challenging situations. That’s not to make you feel bad, it’s meant to encourage you.

All you have to do in building your business is sustain yourself financially while you are working to build your business. Never burn your “job ship” to build your network. For most people this creates financial pressure and stress and shifts the work to coming from a place of need. It’s difficult for the everyday person to work from the right heart place when they are in dire need.

Burn the Ship of Failure.

The only way to fail is to quit. Remove this as an option. Commit to yourself that you will not fail and you won’t. Once you have removed this as an option, then it’s just a function of working through what you have to work through. I once heard it said that the entrepreneur’s mentality is “I’ll figure it out.” It’s not “I’ll figure it out or I will quit.” You will figure it out as you continue to work.

I give you a little more insight and a few more ideas in the video. I hope you enjoy it.

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