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Do you ever get so caught up in the fog of life that you lose sight of where you are going?

This is a pretty common thing. If you think about all that is going on…family stuff, work stuff, community stuff, maybe church stuff, bills to pay, and then there’s all the stuff that goes on between the ears!!

It’s pretty easy to be so in the fog that months can go by before you realize…”Holy cow, months have gone by!” The issue here is not the fog. The fog of life is not going to go away anytime soon. The issue is navigation through the fog!

We All Need a Compass to Keep Ourselves on the Right Track

When I was a kid, a buddy and I got incredibly lost in the fog when fishing once. How did that happen? We knew the water. We knew where we wanted to go. But we couldn’t seem to get there. So what was the problem? We had nothing to guide us. We had no instruments to tell us where we were going. We had no compass!

Since none us control a lot of what surrounds us and what comes at us in life, it is likely that there will always be an element of fog. The challenge for most network marketers is that too often the thing that gets lost in the foggier periods is their business. With most of the other things that happen we have accountability to others, like family and job in particular. So regardless of how dense the fog gets, we still attend to those things. This is where having a compass for your business comes in.

Your Network Marketing Business is for YOUR Dreams

It’s vital that you are at least as accountable to yourself as you are to others in your life. So what can you use as a compass? Your goals and vision. You have to make sure your goals are in front of you at all times. You have to check in with your goals daily. You have to remind yourself that regardless of the fog, you have a path to go through. You have a process to take you to the prize.

You just have to keep the path in front of you and make sure that no matter how crazy everything gets, you take at least a step a day in the right direction. The direction of your goals. In this video I give you some more insight into this crucial concept and I also give you a little more of the foggy fish story!

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