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Do you want to be effective in using social media in your network marketing business?

You don’t have to, but the space is so powerful why wouldn’t you want to? I teach people the fundamentals of how to be effective in using social medial in their work. The operative word here is fundamentals. There are lots of trainers (Jessica Higdon is one of the best) who are better than I am at teaching the deep skills, but I am pretty good with the fundamentals.

My expertise is teaching the people aspect of the business. It’s why the people who follow my teaching are very good at developing strong relationships and loyalty in the business. So everything I teach whether it relates to online or offline will be rooted in the principles of treating people well. Having said that, I will give you two simple things that you can immediately use.

What Not to Do on Social Media

Even if you don’t use social media much in building your business, you have to be conscious of what not to do. So here is the quick lesson. Do not post pictures and names of your product or company. This allows people to google and takes you out of any potential conversation. Another big no-no is posting your company website link on your page. I see people do this all the time. I understand what they are thinking. They think because it is such a great thing, that people are going to go to their site and buy their product or sign up to do the business. But they won’t. They don’t know what you know. This is sort of like spamming. Just don’t do it! Not only does this take control out of your hands, but when you do contact someone they will think they know about it and won’t be open to talking to you.

People Don’t Go to Social Media to Buy

It is certainly true that they do end up buying lots of stuff as a result of social media. But that is not why they go there. They go there to engage in things they are interested in and to interact with the people they like to follow and the communities they enjoy. They go to get value. What does work on social media to grab someone’s attention is curiosity. For example, let’s say you just found a brand of blue jeans that fit you exactly the way you want them to. If you posted something like this “I finally found an awesome pair of blue jeans that fit me perfectly! Yay!”

What do you think might happen? If you are thinking that the people who are also looking for a pair of jeans that would fit them well would begin asking you what the brand is or where you bought them, you would be right. This is a clue. Since you are likely not marketing blue jeans in your business, you have to think about what you might say about your results with what you are offering.

In this video I give you a more relevant example and a little more of what not to do when you post the right way. I’m sure it will help you a lot!

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