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In every self-directed field of business a high percentage of people quit.

This is just the truth. It doesn’t really matter what it is. Real Estate, Insurance, pretty much any kind of commissioned based sales, any type of home business, and of course network marketing. In some cases, there are crisis in life which eliminate their ability to do the work, for example a serious health issue, and in a few cases they discover that they actually have no interest in that type of work. In most cases though, they simply give up on their dream. And this my friends, is very sad.

It has Been Proven Time and Time and Time Again That Anyone Can Succeed in Network Marketing

It is simply working a process over and over with the right heart and treating people well while you provide a way for them to help themselves in a way that can substantially improve the quality of life for them and their family in all aspects, and support them in doing so. Done properly it is one of the most honorable professions in existence. So why would someone quit on that?

It Would be Simple to Say They Quit Because it’s Not Easy

But neither is their career or raising a family? Most people don’t quit on that! One of the biggest reasons they quit is they lack belief that they can succeed. The idea that they can build a business that leads to time freedom and a quality of life that is vastly different from anything they’ve experienced, seen modeled, or what they were conditioned to believe is possible, isn’t readily accepted as possible regardless of initial enthusiasm. This is a fact. It’s our job as sponsors to help them grow into this belief and it doesn’t happen overnight. In the book “Go for No” in Network Marketing, Ray Higdon gives four primary reasons people quit. They are:

  • They weren’t properly prepared for rejection.
  • They don’t remember why they started.
  • They don’t consider the alternatives.
  • They lack vision.

All of these are true issues. And it is the responsibility of the sponsor to help the new recruit to get through these issues. So how do you do that?

In this video I am going to give you exactly what you need to do to help them not quit. To prepare them for what they will work through and how to keep the right things in front of them. This should help you in a big way.

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