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How would you like to consistently sponsor more people?

This article is about such a simple concept that I almost questioned whether to share it, but then I realized that most people do not do this so here it is. So what is this concept?

Do as Much as You Possibly Can for as Long as You Possibly Can. Consistently.

You see, it’s an excellent idea to have a specific contact goal for your work each day. Most people who have built a successful network marketing business, at some point, had a specific contact goal per day. Part-time it would typically be 3-5 per day, and full time would be in the neighborhood of 10-20. So far so good, right? You get this, and there is a chance you are doing it, or will.

The question is what is the mentality about the contact goal? Sponsoring is the end result of the activity of contacting. It’s why you make contacts. It is the thing that drives your business. The more people you sponsor, the more likely you will find people who fall in love with your product or service, and also people who will go forward and build a business.

So here is the difference maker. Too many people think that once they hit their contact goal, they have done all they need to for the day…..even if there is a lot more time left in their work time. This is the wrong mentality. Yes, you should hit your contact goal, but unless you have lots of hot follow ups to do and team members begging for you to talk to their excited prospects, or new partners to train, then you should keep making contacts.

If you stop making contacts because you hit your contact goal, that’s like walking off the field while there is still time on the clock because you scored enough points for the day…but the game is not over! The mentality shouldn’t be how many contacts do I have to make. The mentality needs to be I have a minimum number of contacts I have to make, but I will continue until I absolutely cannot make more contacts!

Successful People Work Their Business When Others Have Stopped for the Day

There it is. A simple concept. But oh so powerful. Work on when others quit. Do you realize if you just made one more contact everyday than you originally planned, you’d make another 3oo contacts a year (I know there are 365 days, but you aren’t working every single day of the year). You’d sponsor way more people. It’s this simple. So where does the fishing come in?

I thought you’d never ask! In this video I share a story (and some more on this topic in general) about how fishing when others are napping yields more fish to the one who continues to fish. It will tie right into what I talked about here. I think you will enjoy it!

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