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Have you ever known someone who started an exercise program and went full force for a few days and then stopped?

Maybe you know this person really well…because it might be you! Or maybe not, but you definitely know someone who has done this. So why did they get all jacked up about exercise and how important it is and how much they want to get in shape, and then they quit after a few days?

Because they took too big of a bite right away. Day one they went to the gym and worked out for an hour and a half. It was tough but they could physically do it. They were worn out afterwards but they felt pretty good about it. The next day they didn’t feel so good. Their body was sore. But they went to the gym again and struggled through another strenuous workout because they are going to get in shape!

After a few days of this what happened? They were too tired….or too sore…or they couldn’t spend an hour and a half, so maybe they should just do some other things they need to do. They start justifying not doing it. Within a few more days? No more exercise!

What might have happened if they approached it differently? Suppose they went for a twenty minute walk the first day. Then the next day they did that again. And the next day. That wouldn’t seem too big. They could build from that.

It’s Important to Begin With Small Steps You Know You Can and Will Take Consistently

This article was spurred by a recent coaching call with a client. Two weeks prior to this call, we were on the phone. In that conversation he was expressing how he was stuck and not taking any steps to do anything about it. He has the time, the need, and the desire. As we talked through what was going on, he asked me, given his situation and time available what would I do if I was him?

I told him I would be making 10-15 contacts per day. I know that would throw his business into gear almost immediately. After all this business isn’t guess work. If you take the steps and work the process, you will find customers and business partners. Guaranteed. He said to me that he would do this.

What do you think happened?

Nothing. He did exactly nothing over the next two weeks. It was too big a bite. Now he didn’t ask me what he should do, he asked me what I would do in his situation. It’s not the job of a coach to tell you what to do. You have to tell you what to do.

You have to consider the idea that just like exercise, you have to develop the habit of the work. Going from zero contacts per day to 15 is something very few people will do. But going from zero to one or two or even three is something anyone can do and maintain. As you get more comfortable and get into the rhythm of the work, then you can easily increase this.

So how many contacts per day should you make? The number you WILL make. In this video I give you a little more on this topic. I hope you find it valuable.

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