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Do you want to succeed?

Then learn from everything you can and put into action what is helpful.

All around us are everyday happenings that can teach us something. If we pay attention a simple trip to the supermarket can yield personal development and success lessons. One of my favorite areas of learning is from animals. Practically every animal on the planet can teach us something of extreme value that we can apply to building a business.

In Building Your Business You are Guaranteed to Encounter Obstacles.

The bigger your vision and goals, the more obstacles you will face. Life in general is full of obstacles. Even the people who aren’t doing anything have obstacles that inhibit their ability to not do anything!

One of my favorite animal kingdom examples (I’m not really even sure if it’s considered an animal:-) is the ant. Ants come in many different colors and sizes, and they are pretty much everywhere in the world. I have no idea how big an ants brain is, but I can tell you that based on how they operate they appear a lot smarter than some of the people I know:-)

Have You Ever Considered if You are Smarter Than an Ant?

Probably not. And I’m sure you are. Ants have to have a pretty tiny brain in that tiny head! But one thing I know. What they know to do, they do in an unstoppable way. And in this way they act a lot smarter than lots of people.

There is no greater example in the world for how to deal with an obstacle than an ant. In this video, I have a little fun and share with you some of the awesome insights to an ant about obstacles and building. I think you will enjoy it, but more importantly, I believe it will be very helpful!

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